IMG_1403[1]At Rosary School we provide excellent facilities for students to stay at Homely Environment. We have trained staff, Wardens who take good care of students and also mentor them in overall growth. Dorms are located in the same campus as the school and has a very secured environment. Whole premises is CCTV monitored and safe for students. 

We have onboard trained nurse to take care of medical needs of students by conducting daily health checkup and daily hygine checks.

Students get opportunity by staying in hostel to have multidimension development in their life. Students learn to stay independently and instill high level of confidence in their future life.It’s an opportunity provided where one makes friends for lifelong friends.

School conducts many activities for students on daily basis including physical activity like Yoga and Karate along with variety of sports and games.


We, at The Rosary International School strive really hard to provide best facilities and resources so that students and groom themselves and prepare themselves for best of their future career and path.

Boarding Activities :
Students and engaged and involved in multiple activities, programs, seminars, sports competitions, development schemes on daily basis.

Food :

We provide only Vegetarian.

Meals and snacks are available in the school kitchen serving hygienically cooked food.

The menu comprises of Punjabi, South Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes. To keep pupils in good health, the catering manager actively supervises all kitchen operations supported by a dietitian.

Meals consists of Morning breakfast, Lunch in the afternoon, Snacks during school recess, Evening tea/snacks, Dinner at night.

Recreation :

School offers excellent recreation activities which helps kids to remain fit and active. There is a fully functional state of arIMG-20180502-WA0015[1]t computer lab with 24×7 access to students with internet facility.

The school aims to help students make the most of life in campus. Appropriate movies are shown periodically. The common room in the boarding house has a television set and an audio system. Students may avail of these provisions at the end of their daily schedules and on Sundays/holidays.

Students organize informal get-togethers on occasions like birthdays, victory celebrations and festivals. All students are encouraged to display their talents be it singing, playing an instrument, dancing, oratory or histrionics on these occasions, thus generating a feeling of mutual acceptance and oneness.
Student Orientation Programme is held at the beginning of each academic year in June.

School Library is growing collection of books and periodical subscriptions at our library help maintain the child’s interest in supplementary knowledge and reference work.

In addition to a fully equipped library which includes thousands of books on various subjects/topics, the school subscribes to a large number of magazines and journals are available to ensure that students are up to date on current affairs, development in the field of science and technology.

Vacation and Outing :

Students will be allowed out over weekend by their parents, Also parents can take their wards out on fixed dates as specified in the annual calendar, with prior intimation to the child’s Housemaster. Alternately, they may be taken out by other visiting relatives or guardians, provided the persons concerned have been entered on the child’s ‘Visitors List’ or produce a current letter of permission from the parents and have informed the Housemaster of their intention in advance.

  • Experiential Learning, 
  • Hands-on activities,
  • Life Skill Activities,
  • Field Trips & Factory Visits,
  • Nature & Environment, 
  • Space & Astronomy, 
  • Common & Survival Skills,
  • Disaster Management.
  • Adventure Activities,
  • Leadership & Team building,
  • Being Jr. Entrepreneurs,
  • Monumental Visits,
  • Theme Destinations 
  • CAS, Service, and Community Dev projects.
  • approved Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat Projects.
  • Support & Adopt the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals with certification