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School Address :

Rosary International School

GangriPada, Navjeevan Road,

Near Shaan Bar, Opp Radha Krishna Temple,

Nallasopara East, Palghar – 401208

Contact No : 8806285090

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Office Time : 12.30 PM  to 5.30  PM – MONDAY TO SATURDAY

Map while coming from Nallasopara Station

Directions : Get down at Nallasopara Station on East side and come below east-west flyover. Take a rickshaw opposite moniginis cake shop (goes to highway) and get down at “Shaan Bar” Stop.  Walk 2 minutes on Navjeevan road opposite “Shaan Bar” for School.



Map while coming from Mumbai

Directions : Pass Dominos flyover on the Gujurat highway. Come to Vasai Phata (don’t take flyover after Dominos flyover).Take a left from Vasai Phata(the road goes to Vasai Station). Go around 0.8 KM on the road and take a right from Tungareshwar Sweets shop. Go approx 1 KM on the Navjeevan Road for the School opposite Maganlal Dairy Farm.




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6 Films That Put Student Life Back in Perspective.

The students seem to have developed a reputation. Now everyone knows that we are pleasant, movable, leaders-tomorrow, who want no more than to wipe out everything we have to offer the education system, right?

Apparently Hollywood didn’ t get a note …

The film industry as a whole depicts students as tangled, hormonal, sweaty teenagers who want nothing more than to be anywhere, but in class and endlessly stranded on.

The Breakfast Club.

Let’ s start with school. It is a film where stereotypes are faced in an epic comedy drama about detention on Saturday. If you are an alternative, rebel, jock, a baby, popular, or you have some kind of uncaring emotions about high school, this film is for you …

\””If you are an alternative, a rebel, a jock, a baby that is popular or has any uncaring emotions about high school, this film is for you.\””

She personifies the environment in which many students are accustomed to high school life and challenges their viewers to challenge stereotypes. Sorry about the cliché, but it’s really connected with the fact that we have to be someone you want to be. If you’re still unsure, almost everyone who grew up in the ‘ 80s is really bound.

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\””I never understood how much I like to be at home if I wasn’t somewhere else for a while.\””

With wit, humour, and with additional sap of smart.

\”” … Well, I’m higher! \””

I’ll be honest, this film isn’t answering any questions, but it’s good for comic books. How many of you ever complained about the bus? The boos are full and crowded, and they are mouldy on rainy days and are usually guaranteed. As students, we are not outsiders to public transport, but I want someone to mention the bus experience, just as bad as this one. If you need a break from all this deep thought about your future, look.

\””Everything you need by the time you’re 23, it’s you.\””Fast forward. You have finished the post-secondary and have nothing but a gas map, a semi-finished product and a few annoying friends who broke into your apartment. This is where the question \””what I want to do with my life\”” is becoming more and more relevant. Many of us have a plan of what we want our lives to look like when we’re done. Perhaps it’s a good idea to multiply in a room for everything that can go wrong. Because shit often goes wrong. Honest, funny and ultimately hopeful.
\”” Within most people there is a feeling of self-separation. Dealen from everything [ …] and they are not. They are part of the total and all. \””

It’s a rather obscure fantasy-drama about a young boy with unique potential. You probably didn’ t hear about it, and it’s cool. It’s especially important for me that the high school students watch this movie. He deals with bullying, but more hidden. It’s one of my personal favorites because of the amazing beauty of the hero, Poroshenko. It’ll make you wonder what you know about beauty and what makes someone special. The film is astounding, elegant and powerful, as is the character …