Rules & Regulations

The following items are not permitted on the school campus and should not be in the possession of any student of Rosary International School.

  1. Students are allowed to use the following electronic items at their own risk.
  2. CD players, Walkman ,  MP3 / mp4 players/ i Pods without video display
  3. The above mentioned items can be used only on Saturday (after lunch) and Sunday (after studies)
  4. If student is found using above-mentioned electronic gadgets in school campus including classrooms,  the same will be confiscated and will not be returned back.
  5. In case if any dispute arises out of damage or loss of any electronic gadget mentioned above the school will not be responsible.
  7. Strictly not allowed
  8. Leaving the campus without permission
  9. Money in any currency.
  10. Any and all valuables items which include and are not limited
  11. Any kind of ornaments / Jewellery / Large and elaborate belt buckles o  Expensive shoes/clothes except those required by the school
  12. Mobile Phones, cameras expensive watches & other valuable things.
  13. Outside food, this includes but is not limited to chocolates, wafers, snacks and cold drinks.
  14. Parents must not open accounts for their children in the market. This includes stores, restaurants, hotels and other vendors.
  15. Day students may not bring into the premises; any items that are prohibited and they may not supply boarders with the same.
  16. Most importantly, Mobile Phones, Cameras, Chewing Gum and Money are NOT allowed anywhere, at any time and under any circumstances.
  17. If student arrives at the school campus after 7:00 pm, at the end of vacation, he/she will not be allowed to enter the dorms and will be asked to leave the premises and return the next morning.
  18. Non-compliance with any of the school rules including but not limited to those mentioned above, will result in punishment of the student which includes confiscation of the prohibited items found in the student’s possession, imposition of fines and may also result in suspension or dismissal of the student.
  19. More than the number of clothes as mentioned in the kit list (as required by the school) should not be brought. Any clothes above the required number will be confiscated and donated to the underprivileged people in nearby villages.
  20. Clothes should be of proper size and should be simple trousers / pant. Length of trousers should be up to the sole of the shoe.

BEHAVIOUR & CONDUCT : The School attaches great important to decent & civilized behavior, and strongly condemns all acts of vulgarity, violence & vandalism. We expect our students to display, at all time, courtesy politeness, consideration & thoughtfulness. Any deviation from this code of conduct will evoke disciplinary action that may well include expulsion.   This IMPORTANT RULES AND REGULATION paper should be returned to the school office with parent’s signature at the time of reporting. Without this the child will not be allowed to join / rejoin.   The school/boarding rules are made and applied for the safety and well-being of the students and must be followed. The School and Management will not take responsibility for the consequences of the rules not being followed by students as well as parents/guardians.

  1. Students are expected to adhere to the timing for prep, meals etc., at all times.
  2. Ragging or harassing of any sort is strictly prohibited in the dormitory.
  3. Students are required to take care of all their personal belongings. The school takes no responsibility for any loss.
  4. The movement of students is restricted to their respective dorms.
  5. Students found in unauthorized areas will be questioned and appropriate action will be taken.
  6. Students are not allowed to visit the dorm during school hours for any purpose.
  7. Students are not allowed to bring food from outside.
  8. Students are not permitted to borrow / buy any articles from other students within or from other dorm.
  9. Your room and dormitory facilities will be your second home, cleanliness shall be observed at all times.
  10. Be considerate. Excessive noise that affects members of the community is strictly prohibited.
  11. Please do not throw your garbage/rubbish indiscriminately. It should be thrown in covered garbage/rubbish container/bins provided, at all times.
  12. All students should be tolerant, considerate and respect each other at all times. There should be no use of vulgar and abusive language and use of force (fighting) or any unruly behavior towards one another.
  13. In case of accidents or emergencies, please contact the Dormitory Staff on duty for assistance.
  14. Nailing, drilling or any fittings to the walls, ceilings or any part of the room is strictly prohibited. The resident(s) of the room shall be responsible for any damage caused.
  15. Any other expenses will be charged separately (telephone, extra item taken from school) and to be paid every month.